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Pilot plant to test the pyrogasification of biodigestate

The plant is based on an innovative system of a solution and is specially designed to convert biomass into fuel gas, with a combined process of pyrolysis-gasification, which can be used for the production of heat and electricity (waste to energy process) . The pilot plant will be used for the tests of pyro-gasification of digestate derived from a plant already in ITALPROGETTI to be suitably modified in order to process these biomass. And 'composed of a pyrolysis reactor, a gasification reactor, a system of post-treatment of the fuel gas product. A system for supervision and control provides for the automatic management of all process parameters. The biomass undergoes a thermal conversion in the gasifier in a reducing environment that leads to the production of a fuel gas: Syngas, a mixture of CO, H2, CH4, with a calorific value of about 4-8 MJ / Nm3 depending on the type of biomass employed. The syngas exiting the gasification reactor is treated so as to minimize the possible fouling of the system of electric energy production, and in order to obtain an emission in the atmosphere according to the most restrictive limits of legge.L'impianto consists of :

- Feeding of dried digestate;

- Fixed bed gasifier which will operate in either configuration updraft downdraft that in order to identify the most suitable reactor configuration digestate;

- System for automatic discharge of the ash from the gasifier;

- Tar sampling system downstream of the gasifier;

- Treatment line of the syngas in order to remove dust, tar, acid gases and ammonia;

- Line analysis of the syngas clean;

- Post-combustion system (torch) of the syngas Treaty;

- Extraction and collection of liquid and solid waste;

- System of regulation and control of the entire plant.

The flexibility and reliability that characterize the pyro-gasifier allow its use with the use of a large type of biomasse.L'impianto will have a potential of about 5 kg / h of digestate to 20-30% moisture. This size is significant for subsequent scale-up to commercial size plant.

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