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Italprogetti s.p.a.

Design, development and construction tanning plants

ITALPROGETTI  S.p.A. operates to the left ofthe tanning industry for over 30 years, through the design, the constructionand the supply of all types of drums (either wood or polypropylene forprocessing in wet, and in stainless steel for dry machining), automation andprocess control, drying plants, as well as plant and equipment for thepurification of waste water.

ITALPROGETTI tanning works in the industrial district of Santa Croce; This location allows still be in the middle of the production requirements and environmental compatibility of one of the most vital industrial districts of Italy, and contributes to the development of technical skills count and productive company.
The product range is essentially based on two lines:
- The drums and installations for the manufacture of leather
- Machinery and plant for the treatment of waste water, sludge, and gases resulting from the process of tanning.
Since the beginning of its activity, in the early seventies, the company's attitude has always been to present itself with cutting-edge solutions in plant solutions: for example, ITALPROGETTI was the first company to create drums Polypropylene Industry tanning, in alternative to the traditional wooden drums.
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