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Consorzio S.G.S. s.p.a.

Recovery consortium for animal's origin byproducts and discard leather tanning precesses

CONSORZIO S.G.S. SpA is an Italian leading company in the production of hydrolyzed proteins. The company, which processes the fleshing coming from the tanneries in the district of Santa Croce sull’Arno, started its activities in the early ‘60s with the production of animal fat. In the ‘70s it begun the manufacture of fertilizers, soil conditioners, animal feed and technical products for industrial use.

CONSORZIO S.G.S. S.p.A. currently produces animal fat, nitrogen organic fertilizers and natural growth activators, most of which are in accordance with organic farming. The raw materials processed in the plant are animal by-products coming from hides dressing which, at the moment of their collection, have not undergone any treatment. The plant processes up to 400 tons per day of those raw materials.

The industrial process is technically advanced and can guarantee the complete re-cycling of the products obtained from the processing of raw materials Per maggiori informazioni visitate il nostro