Modifications brought to the pyrogasificator

Modification air entrance

The modification brought to the gasification plant deals with the creation of a new air entrance in correspondence of the reactor zone, that is where the combustion happens. This modification concerns the two configurations for the air entrance, updraft and downdraft, both used in order to identify the right balance in the combustion.


Modification brought to the nitrogen entrance

The modification brought for the nitrogen flow, inside the pyrogasificator, deals with the connection of a nitrogen cylinder which is gifted with a flow device to the gasification tower. This operation allows the securing of the plant through the combustion breakdown and the regulation of it during the project tests.


Pyrogasificator’s torch

With the modification brought to the pyrogasificator’s torcha new chimney for the combustion tests has been installed, so we can get an easier cooling process, considering the new dimensions, and the facilitation in the samples detection that is, now, safer considering the temperature developed inside. The new torch is provided with:

-Two thermocouples that come from a detection range of 1250°C, linked to the control panel of the pyrogasificator for the temperature detection;

-And electric burner installed on the bottom;

-A direct link with the gas flow for the combustion.