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Anaerobic Digester 5mc

The 5mc Anaerobic Digester plant

The first anaerobic digester from 5mc will be installed at the Consorzio Aquarno Spa;

the pilot plant is essentially divided into three sections:

1. Digester

2. Electrical panel, control panel, circulation and heating mud and dosage reagents

3.  Hydraulic guard for biogas

To ensure the absence of oxygen on the bottom of the digester were prepared three nozzles for blowing of nitrogen in order to degas the mud inside the digester, and also to saturate the air with nitrogen. Even each pipe entering into the plant is equipped with the appropriate connections to the  line of nitrogen  to allow the removal of the air.

For installations in direct contact with the biogas is expected compliance with the legislation in terms of Explosive Atmospheres (ATEX).


Aquarno anaerobic digester                                                  Cuoiodepur anaerobic digester