The research project META deals with the issue of energy recovery and material recycling of sewage sludge produced by the two plants of the Tuscan leather district: Consorzio Aquarno and Consorzio Cuoiodepur.

The project experimentally examines  a chain of energy recovery based on anaerobic digestion of sludge treatments using pyro-gasification for the treatment of bio-digested residue. The plan is that these two processes are optimized in an integrated

The second pilot scale anaerobic digestor has been placed in Consorzio Cuoiodepur's premises.

The pilot scale filter press, of property of Italprogetti, has been placed and is now employed to dehydrate the digested produced by Aquarno's anaerobic digester.

On 18th Giugno 2015, at  Museo del Cuoio of Santa Croce sull'Arno, it will hold the final event of the Project M.E.TA. during which will be presented the main results obtained by the project.

The partnership will offer also the possibility to visit the plants used within the experimentation period.

More details about the event are reported in the PROGRAM  of the EVENT ; is appreciated the confirmation of the presence by clicking the following link:

Confirmation of the Presence to the Event M.E.TA.