Pilot Plants

The M.E.TA project despite being a researchproject, it is strongly oriented to the direct application of scientificresults, in the industrial field. For this reason it is planned to build PILOTPLANT, of the most significant size of the laboratory scale, in order to  simulate the real situation.

This design approach has required the use ofexisting instruments but also to the design and manufacture of new devices andsystems. In this section you will find the pilot plant used and in some casesproducts, in order to complete the experimental activities of the project.

150L Anaerobic Digester

Designed and produced specifically for the project M.E.TA. by Italprogetti Engineering with the participation of all partners and subcontractors, these 150L anaerobic digesters are equipped with stirring and temperature control systems. Each digester can work both mesophilic and thermophilic conditions.

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Anaerobic digester

Anaerobic digester specially produced for the project able to work both in mesophilic and thermophilic conditions. The reactor can treat  5m3 (5000L) of sludge and is equipped with a mechanic and hydraulic mixing system, the latter provides also to the temperature control of the system thank to a hairpin heat excangher fueled with hot water as heating fluid.The digester is provided with all the instrumentation for the control and dosage of reagents to set the pH, nutrients and to ensure optimal production of biogas. This gaseous product before being released to the atmosphere will go through two hydraulic guards/ traps to reduce the content of hazardous sulphorous components. Also this system has been designed and manufactured specifically for the project and is the result of collaboration and professionalism made available by the various partners and subcontractors.

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Result of a collaboration between Italprogetti Engineering and DICCISM University of Pisa, the pyrogasification pilot plant has all the basic features for trials targeted to the recovery of energy and matter from the biodigestate, under Operative Objective 2. The  pyrogasifier was initially designed to be powered with woody biomass and required some adjustments in order to be able to treat anaerobic digestate of the project.

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